Gökhan Akbulut, MD, FEBS


I work in the field of General Surgery, I love to perform all operations of general surgery. I perform my surgeries with advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgery techniques. I generally worked in Turkey's most intense and reference hospitals. I come from extensive clinical practical experience. Now I am working at Tınaztepe University General Surgery Clinic, one of the youngest and most promising foundation universities in Izmir. I am passionate about my job. I love people, art,  students, being with young people and doing sports. I have been also working  in academic and administrative fields for many years.

I have a wide network of research interests. I am interested in technical subjects such as artificial intelligence applications in medicine, as well as the social problems of the society such as trauma and elderly care.
I was raised by the first generation of the Republic's teacher parents. All my teachers were wonderful people. I have had very good mentors. They came into my life just in time and directed me to where I wanted to be. That's why I feel very happy when I'm lecturing in classroom or making visits in the surgery ward.

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